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Is a Sheltie for me?


 The purpose of this article is to educate future owners about the sheltie and the characteristics of the breed.  The sheltie can be a multi-purpose dog whether you want a show dog, a family pet or an agility and obedience dog.  They have a very keen and inquisitive mind and are pretty easy to train.  Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions!!


1.     Do shelties make good pets: The sheltie makes an ideal pet family pet being equally happy in a suburban back yard or running free in open fields as long as he is with his family. They are very good with children however they don’t like them to be too boisterous with them.


2.     Do they need much exercise:The sheltie will be happy with as much exercise as you can give him and never refuses a walk, however they don’t need a huge amount of exercise and an hour’s walk a day with some free running is sufficient. They are happy to be outside however they are just as happy to be at your feet in the house.


3.     Do they need much grooming: The sheltie has a very glamorous coat which requires very little attention.  A good brush out once a week and a little trimming of the feet and ears will keep him in good condition.  A bath every 8 weeks or so will suffice.  They do shed maybe once or twice a year and need more frequent and vigorous grooming at these times. The breeder can advise you on what brushes you will need.


4.     Are they barkers? The truth is yes they are.  They can be very yappy especially in packs and can quite happily bark at everything coming and going from their area!! The trick is not to let them do this and chastise them and try and distract their attention. Sometimes this can be as a result of boredom.  Shelties do need a lot of stimulation to keep them occupied.


5.     Are they friendly with strangers?They are reserved with strangers but never nervous!! They are a herding breed and can sometimes herd everything in sight even their families.  They are very sensitive to the moods of their families; they love attention and demand it from all their family.  They are not couch potatoes and they do not consider themselves a mere dog, to them they are a fully-fledged member of your family and demand to be brought everywhere.  They can be very destructive if left behind or alone for long periods of time.


6.     Do they suffer from health problems?: They are a relatively healthy breed and can live quite happily for about 15 years without too many visits to the vets.  If you are considering buying a sheltie be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy on the new member of the family, in return you will get unconditional love and they will give you some of the most wonderful moments of your life and memories you will treasure forever.