Green Star Leaderboard

Important: This is an non-offical leaderboard done according to the result of the shows looking at the winner of each shows.  When equal number of Green Stars are shared by the same dog, the number of Best of Breeds determinate the position. The official results are announced by the Irish Kennel Club at the end of the year granting the winner the IKC Annual Champion Title.


CACIBs. There are 5 available this year in Ireland. A dog needs 4 CACIBs from different judges to become an International Champion in Ireland. Need to be 1 Year and 1 day from the first CACIB



Name of Dog Green Stars CACIBs BOB 
1st Ir Ch,  Lux Ch Irish Legend of Navarrem ( An Ch 13)        13
 2sd Ch Sevenoaks Gold Edition (An Ch 11,12) 4
3rd Klassymar Little Cracker  3   2
 4th Oscar's Winning Legacy of Hillawns  3   
        5th  Japaro Designed in Dazzle at Longrange   2     
        5th  Degallo The Show Must Go on Fearnach    2    
7th  Klassymar Bobby Socks
        7th  Dippersmoor Star Gazer by Tooralie  1  1 1



Name of Dog Green Stars CACIBs BOB 
1st Ch Navarrem Fortune Lady  11  1 6
2sd Richmaus Perfect Picture of Navarrem 3    2 
        3rd  Ch Sexy Girl Des Romarins de Mayerling at Sevenoaks  3   2  1
        4th Ch Tooralie's Edition De Luxe at Fearnach          2       1     1
 Odessa Z Paunochnaga Lesu At Longrange          2       1
 Ch Fearnach Frosty Moon at Longrange  1    1
 5th I'M Sha-Kir-Ra by Karyshanty Jr ch  1  1
 5th Can Ch Grandgables Romantica of Navarrem  1    1 
 Caronlea Blue Belle At Fearnach          1       1
         5th GB Ch Myter Eye to Eye           1       1
 11th Lavika Lucent Frost Queen of rossbethany  1     
       11th  Ch Sevenoaks Angels Whisper  1     
       11th  Fearnach Heaven Scent          1    

Top Kennel

Top Kennel is selected by the Sheltie Kennel with high number of Green Stars ( independently of haven't bred the dog or just owns the dog). Dogs and Bitches are counted. When equal number of green stars, number of BOB determinate the position


Name of Dog Green Stars CACIBs BOB 
1st Navarrem ( Mr E Castillo & Mr P Fortune)       28 13
2sd Sevenoaks ( Mr & Mrs Joe & Brenda Doyle) 8  5 
        3rd  Fearnach ( Mr D McDonald) 6  2 


Longrange ( Mrs C Dunne) 5   2
 5th Klassymar ( Mrs M. Morris) 4    3 
 6th  Hillawns ( Ms T Rooney)  3 1 0
         7th  Karyshanty (Mrs S McDonald)  1 1  1 
         7th  Dippersmoor ( Mrs S J Walker)          1       1    1
         8th  Myter ( Mrs M & Miss S Thomas)          1      1
         9th  Rossbethany (Ms S & Miss B King)   1    

Top Breeder 2014

to be updated during the year